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Indomie UAE Launches TikTok Dance Competition With AED5,000 Monthly Prize

Indomie UAE has announced its latest campaign to engage with their audience through a fun and exciting TikTok dance competition. The competition challenges participants to create a dance craze video using any Indomie product and upload it on TikTok using the hashtags #INDOMIEUAETIKTOKDANCECOMPETITION and #INDOMIEUAETIKTOK.

The competition mechanics require participants to gain as many views, likes, and shares as possible for their videos. These engagement rates account for 50% of the criteria for judging. The remaining 50% is based on the dance choreography (30%) and uniqueness and originality (20%).

Weekly winners will be selected and awarded with exciting prizes such as AED500, AED300, and AED200 cash prizes, along with Indomie products. Additionally, 10 shortlisted weekly finalists will receive automatic carton Indomie products.

Monthly finalists will then be chosen from the weekly winners, and they will have to recreate another video for the judges. The new video will be scored according to the same criteria for judging, and the top three winners will receive AED5,000, AED2,000, and AED1,000 cash prizes, respectively. They will also receive Indomie products.

The competition has already generated a buzz on social media, with numerous participants sharing their videos on TikTok. Indomie UAE hopes to create a trend with their products and engage with their audience through this fun competition.

The competition is open to UAE residents.


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