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Indomie UAE Offers AED20,000 Prize in Exciting TikTok Culinary Challenge

Indomie UAE has stirred the pot, launching a new TikTok Cooking & Storytelling Competition that invites participants to showcase their culinary skills and creativity for a chance to win up to AED20,000.

In a promotional video set in a kitchen backdrop featuring stacks of Indomie packs, popular TikTok personalities Bengs Hyu and Kimi call upon their followers to join the challenge. Participants are encouraged to create a TikTok video that involves them cooking or eating any Indomie product. The aim is to intertwine storytelling or a mukbang-style content into their entry.

The emphasis of the competition is on three primary factors: creativity and plating, uniqueness of the content, and the level of audience engagement. The criteria for judging breaks down to 30% for plating and creativity, 30% for uniqueness, and a significant 40% is allocated for likes, shares, and overall engagement.

To ensure visibility, participants should incorporate two primary hashtags into their submission: #IndomieUAEtiktokCookingContest and #IndomieUAEStoryTellingCompetition.


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