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Indomie UAE Shows Support for the Gawad Kasambahay Awards Recognizing Filipino Household Workers

Dubai, UAE - Indomie UAE, a well-known instant noodle brand, announces its support for the Gawad Kasambahay Awards, which recognizes the contributions of Filipino household workers in the UAE. The awards aim to honor the hard work, dedication, and loyalty of Filipino household workers, who are an essential part of many households in the UAE.

The search for the UAE's best Filipino household workers started on April 1, with the shortlisting process. Hundreds of nominees underwent initial interviews with judges to determine who will make it to the first round of the shortlist. Successful candidates will proceed to the second elimination round on April 15 to vie for one of 12 awards, including the prestigious Household Manager of the Year and Loyalty Award.

The Gawad Kasambahay Awards, launched in 2019, aim to foster development and encourage employers to treat their household workers as family members. It is organized by Michelle Quinto Guinto of CMG Cargo, who is passionate about recognizing the invaluable contributions of Filipino household workers to UAE households.

Indomie UAE joins the UAE community in praising and uplifting the spirits of these hardworking household workers, who make our everyday lives easier and more comfortable. Indomie UAE believes in recognizing the dedication and hard work of individuals who play a significant role in the community.

“We are delighted to support the Gawad Kasambahay Awards, which honors the hard work and contributions of Filipino household workers in the UAE. As a brand that is committed to the community, we believe in recognizing and supporting individuals who contribute significantly to our society," said a spokesperson for Indomie UAE.

The awards are judged by 19 judges from various industries, including Dr. Aileen Mariategue Villanueva, Chairman of Shades of Pink Society-Abu Dhabi, and Joseph Arnie Garcia, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East & Africa of ABS-CBN. The judges will ensure that only the most deserving workers receive recognition for their invaluable contributions to the households they serve.

Indomie UAE is proud to support the Gawad Kasambahay Awards and hopes that the awards will inspire others to recognize and appreciate the contributions of household workers in the UAE.


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