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Kalayaan Bowling Tournament Brings Filipino Bowling Community Together

The Dubai Filipino Bowling Club (DFBC) and Filipino Social Club (FILSOC) proudly presented the Kalayaan Bowling Tournament at the Dubai International Bowling Centre. This event was designed to unite the bowling community, foster camaraderie, and create lasting memories.

The tournament saw an enthusiastic turnout from participants, guests, and sponsors. Distinguished attendees included the Philippine Consulate in Dubai's Consul General, Hon. Marford Angeles, and Vice Consul Jim Jimeno, alongside the Cultural Officer, Department of Migrant Workers Office staff, Board of Directors, and members of FILSOC.

Event Highlights and Winners

Doubles Event:

  • Champion: Abdulla AlMarri (BAH) & Ariel Serrano (DFBC) - Total Score: 1599

  • 1st Runner-Up: Ariel Errandio (DFBC) & Filo Escabel (DFBC) - Total Score: 1548

  • 2nd Runner-Up: Fuaad Almas (UAE) & Mohammad Zaki Guinomla (Youth, 11 years old, Youngest Participant) - Total Score: 1521

Singles Event:

  • Champion: Abdulla AlMarri (BAH) - Total Score: 888

  • 1st Runner-Up: Ted Kwon (KOR) - Total Score: 859

  • 2nd Runner-Up: Haitham (UAE) - Total Score: 853

High Series (Filipino Nationals Only):

  • Male Division: Mike Trinidad (DFBC) - Total Score: 843

  • Female Division: Josie Forshaw (DFBC) - Total Score: 790

High Series (Non-Regular/New Bowlers):

  • 1st Place: Mark Roue Olivia (DMW) - Total Score: 403

  • 2nd Place: Suzanne Rodriguez (DMW) - Total Score: 400

  • 3rd Place: Christine Batino (DMW) - Total Score: 329

The tournament successfully highlighted the talents and competitive spirit of the Filipino bowling community in Dubai. With the support of DFBC and FILSOC, the event not only promoted sportsmanship but also strengthened the bonds among participants. The organizers extend their gratitude to all attendees, sponsors, and volunteers who made the Kalayaan Bowling Tournament a remarkable success.


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