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Last Supermoon of the Year to Illuminate UAE Skies Next Friday

The UAE is preparing for a celestial treat as the fourth and final supermoon of the year is scheduled to brighten the night skies next Friday.

This dazzling lunar event occurs when a full moon or a new moon is at its closest point to Earth, making it appear larger from our planet’s perspective.

This month’s supermoon is aptly named the Harvest Moon, as it coincides closely with the fall equinox. According to the Dubai Astronomy Group, “The night sky will adorn itself with the last supermoon of the year.”

The group promises a breathtaking visual experience for all stargazers, describing the event as a “grand celestial finale.”

To facilitate the observation of this lunar spectacle, the Dubai Astronomy Group is hosting an event at the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre.

Enthusiasts are invited to view the supermoon through telescopes, with tickets priced at Dh60 each.

This Harvest Moon comes on the heels of a ‘blue’ supermoon that captivated observers on August 29. Despite its name, a blue supermoon is not characterized by its color but by its rarity, occurring approximately once every 2.7 years.

The next blue supermoon is not expected until May 31, 2026.


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