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Makati Express Cargo Volleyball Team Celebrates Victory at Inter-GCC Volleyball Competition in UAE

Makati Express Cargo Volleyball team, a popular Filipino volleyball team based in Dubai, celebrated their victory in the recently concluded inter-GCC volleyball competition at the luxurious Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai on Friday night.

The team emerged as the champion after a series of intense matches against some of the top volleyball teams in the region.

The victory party was attended by the team's players, coaches, and supporters.

The event was filled with excitement and joy as the team celebrated their hard-fought victory.

Makati Express Cargo Volleyball team originally as Ateam known for their exceptional skills and teamwork, and their victory in the inter-GCC volleyball competition is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

The team has been a prominent figure in the Filipino community in Dubai, and their success in the tournament has brought immense pride to the volleyball community.

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