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Makati RBA UAE Team Triumphs in 7th Inter-GCC Women's Volleyball Tournament

Makati RBA UAE Team emerged as the champions in the 7th Inter-GCC Women's Volleyball Tournament, showcasing their talent and determination. The prestigious event saw fierce competition among six female teams and five male teams from different parts of the GCC region like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates & alike.

The tournament was organized by Filipino Club in Bahrain under MLSD Registration No. 28/N/T.A.J.R. since 06/02/1991 and CR No. 720034-01. a single round-robin format, with the semifinals using a ladder system to determine the finalists. Ateam as Makati RBA UAE Team secured an impressive 4-1 record, securing them a spot in the championship game.

As the top-ranked team, Makati RBA UAE enjoyed a bye in the semifinals, waiting for the winner of the match between the third and fourth-ranked teams.

The thrilling semifinal saw the two lower-ranked teams battle for the opportunity to challenge Makati RBA UAE in the finals.

Ultimately, the team that emerged victorious in the semifinals faced off against the formidable Makati RBA UAE squad.

Displaying great teamwork, resilience, and skill, the Makati RBA UAE Team claimed the championship title, cementing their status as the 7th Inter-GCC Women's Volleyball Tournament winners, Team headed by Lara & Chin Gomez.

This victory not only brings pride to the UAE Women's Volleyball Team but also highlights the growing prominence of women's volleyball in the GCC region.

The tournament served as a platform for athletes to showcase their abilities, foster camaraderie, and promote sportsmanship among participants.

Fans eagerly await the next edition of the Inter-GCC Women's Volleyball Tournament next year, where teams will once again come together to compete for glory and regional bragging rights.

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