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Man Takes More Than 800 Online Courses Since Covid Lockdown

A Filipino netizen has made the most out of the Covid-19 lockdown by enrolling himself in various free online courses and a series of training and earning more than 800 certificates.

In a Facebook post, Jowan Sia, a college dean, revealed that he started taking online courses since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. He added that he chose this to be productive despite the lockdown situation in the Philippines.

“Masaya ako because I was able to prove to myself na kaya ko, na I can become a better version of me, na on my own way kaya ko i-cultivate ang 3Ds: Determination, Dedication, and Discipline,” he said.

According to Sia, his goal is to take more online courses.

“Gaya last year, goal ko pa rin na makakuha ng kahit isang certificate in a day. Of course, these certificates won’t be enough to cover my intellectual nakedness but I am delighted to note than I am making progress,” he concluded.


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