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Massive Fire Kills 16 and Injures 9 in Dubai Residential Building

A massive fire in a residential building in Al Ras, Dubai, killed 16 people and injured nine others on Saturday afternoon. The fire, which broke out on the fourth floor of the building, was brought under control after two hours of firefighting efforts.

Dubai Civil Defence Operations Room received the first notification about the fire at 12:35 pm, and a team reached the site within six minutes to start evacuation and firefighting operations. Teams from the Port Saeed and Hamriyah fire stations provided backup to the operations.

Preliminary investigations show that non-compliance with building security and safety requirements caused the fire. A comprehensive investigation is underway to provide a detailed report on the causes of the accident.

Videos shared on social media show thick black smoke and flames leaping out of an apartment window as multiple fire engines and first responders reach the area. An eyewitness reported hearing a loud bang before the flames started.

The spokesperson for the Dubai Civil Defence expressed condolences to the families of the deceased and said that urgent medical aid was provided to the injured.

Social worker Naseer Vadanappilly reported that some bodies have been identified by relatives, and at least three people are in the hospital with stable conditions.

The Dubai Civil Defence urged building owners and residents to comply with safety and security requirements to prevent such accidents in the future.


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