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Multiple Flight Diversions and Cancellations at Dubai Airport Due to Bad Weather

Dubai International Airport (DXB) experienced significant disruptions in its flight schedule on Friday, as adverse weather conditions impacted both incoming and outgoing flights.

A spokesperson from DXB said in a Khaleej Times that 13 inbound flights were diverted to nearby airports, while six outbound flights were cancelled as of 10 a.m. UAE time.

The airport authorities are collaborating closely with airlines, air traffic control, and other service partners to minimize the inconvenience to travelers. Passengers have been advised to consider using the Dubai Metro to reach the airport, in order to avoid the traffic delays caused by water-logged roads.

The DXB spokesperson urged travelers to stay updated on traffic conditions and allocate extra time for their journey to the airport. For the latest information on flight schedules, passengers are advised to contact their respective airlines directly or visit the flight information page on the Dubai Airports website at


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