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MWO-Dubai Updates on Valid Exit Clearances for Filipino Workers

The Migrant Workers Office in Dubai and Northern Emirates (MWO-Dubai) has released an advisory clarifying the acceptable and valid exit clearances for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Following the recent Advisory No. 24 issued by the Department of Migrant Workers on 12 October 2023, MWO-Dubai provided further information on the matter:

DMW Mobile App: The pilot test for the Department of Migrant Workers’ (DMW) Mobile Application, designed to streamline processes and assist OFWs, concluded on 29 September 2023. After evaluating the app’s performance and functionality, the DMW has now transitioned into the phase of implementing necessary improvements.

Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC): The OEC remains a valid exit clearance for OFWs until further directives are provided by the DMW. Workers can obtain the OEC either through DMW offices in the Philippines or online at POPS-BAM. This certificate continues to be recognized at immigration counters in the Philippines.

OFW Pass in DMW Mobile App: The OFW Pass, available within the DMW Mobile App, is also recognized as an acceptable exit clearance. This digital pass is available for users in the Philippines and the ten pilot countries, including the United Arab Emirates. For details on updating the OFW Pass, workers can refer to MWO-Dubai Advisory No. 22, Series of 2023.

Expansion of DMW Mobile App: The DMW plans to extend the availability of its mobile app to more countries and territories in the future. Announcements on expanded coverage will be made after consultations with International Migration Organizations (IMOs) and OFWs in those regions.


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