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Nail-Biting Victory: Creative Mamita PH Clinches Title Against Jams Super Girls, 63-61

In an electrifying Finals showdown, the Creative Mamita PH Team emerged victorious against Jams Super Girls with a close score of 63-61, securing the championship title in the Sportsmania WBL Division 2 - Season 3. The match, held in Champs Sports Club, Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali Dubai was a nail-biter with only a two-point deficit separating the teams.

The Creative Mamita PH Team's win was celebrated with enthusiasm, with awards presented by Bassam Nawfal, Owner & Founder of Sports360 Events, and Sports Mania Dubai CEO, Managing Director & Co-Founder Tarek Abboud. The team's dedication, hard work, and outstanding performance were recognized and praised.

The Creative Mamita Women's Basketball Team proudly serves as a flag carrier for the Philippines in the UAE. Their mission is to promote and showcase Filipino talents across the region, highlighting the skill, dedication, and spirit of a Filipino athletes.

The team is supported by the Filipino Social Club Dubai also well-known as FILSOC headed by President Ericsson Reyes, and operates under the supervision of Creative Event Management | Creative Group CEO & Managing Director Michico Lopez Ramos.

The Creative Mamita PH Team, spearheaded by Head Coach Ron Richelle Sanchez and Captain Ball Lovely Rabena, received special coaching support from Assistant Coaches Ton Sulit and Paulina Vela. Their strategic guidance and leadership were crucial to the team's success.

A pivotal moment in the game came when Mel Mandap of the Creative Mamita PH Team reversed the scoring momentum with several impressive 3-point shots, leading to their championship victory.

A true game-changer and a clutch prowess spirit of an athlete, embodying the "never say die" attitude to regain the lead on the nerve-racking match.

Individual accolades were also awarded, with Shawe Sulit recognized as the Top Scorer of the Season.

While Emm Matreo named the Finals MVP of the League.

And Mel Mandap honored as the Clutch Player of the Game for her game-changing performance.

Moreover, the talented team Jams Super Girls was awarded 2nd place in the tournament.

The Creative Mamita PH Team would like to thank their family and friends who supported their inspiring journey from being underdogs all the way to the top.

Your time and support mean the world to them! Till the next international journey! Let's go! ❤️💪🇵🇭

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