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NBA Star Trainer Danny Cooper to Host Basketball Coaching Sessions in Dubai

Renowned basketball trainer and content creator, Danny Cooper, will be arriving in Dubai in the first week of November to coach aspiring young basketball enthusiasts in the region. This initiative is in collaboration with Filipino coach Ron Sanchez and Creative Events Management, owned by Filipina entrepreneur Michico Lopez Ramos.

Danny Cooper, a significant figure in the world of basketball, is best known for training NBA heavyweights, including the 2023 NBA Slam Dunk Champion, Mac McClung, Lamar Stevens, and Brendan Hausen from Villanova University, as well as numerous overseas and college-level players.

Having established Danny Cooper Basketball LLC in 2017, Cooper has since made a mark globally, traveling across continents to train both youth and professional players. His signature training style has made him a sought-after coach, helping him to build his own brand and team over the years.

In addition to the coaching sessions, Creative Events Management is organizing a special one-day women's basketball league. This event will provide an opportunity for fans and players to meet and greet with Cooper.


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