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New Additional Requirements For Contract Verification 'Do Not Apply To Everyone'

Beginning February 1, 2023, the Migrant Workers Office in Dubai (MWO), formerly known as the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), will be asking for additional requirements for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) seeking contract verification 'as circumstances may warrant'.

The new requirements are needed to be furnished 'as circumstances may warrant', its advisory posted on its website read.

For skilled workers

For skilled workers, they need to provide a valid employment contract. In case of a discrepancy in job title, the employee needs to provide a company letter or any acceptable documentary proof explaining the difference. If there is a discrepancy in the company name, proof of relationship or any acceptable documents showing the relationship between the company names will be required.

In case the basic wage is below AED1,500, with the total wage being at least AED1,500, a salary certificate or last three months' pay slips, duly stamped and signed by the employer, or bank statement showing receipt of salary; and a salary undertaking of the worker affirming that he or she is fully aware of the basic salary indicated in the contract which shall be the basis for his or her gratuity pay, and that he or she shall negotiate for the increase in basic wage upon contract renewal, will be required.

The worker also needs to provide a passport and valid visa stamp if it is issued before April 11, 2022, or Emirates ID, if issued on April 11, 2022, onwards, or whichever is applicable.

Below are the additional requirements for skilled OFWs 'as circumstances may warrant' and those OFWs without previous records with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and for registered Balik-Manggagawa (BM) with a change of employer:

  • Company Business/Trade License

  • Wage Protection System Record (if under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization), otherwise, Bank Statement showing salary receipt

  • Academic Credentials

Abu Dhabi and Al Ain visa holders who are working in Dubai and the Northern Emirates are required to present a company certification on the exact work address.

All documentary requirements must be submitted in two sets, along with a verification fee of AED40.

For domestic workers

A valid employment contract with a minimum basic wage of AED1,500 per month is required. Those with a basic salary below AED1,500 per month are asked to request to have their contract amended by any Tadbeer centre.

An addendum to the employer contract, passport, and a valid visa stamp (if issued prior to April 11, 2022) or Emirates ID (if issued on April 11, 2022 onwards), whichever is applicable, are also required.

Additional requirements for OFWs without previous records with the POEA and for registered BM with a change of employer need to provide the Emirates ID of their employer.

Those domestic workers whose visas are issued in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and are working in Dubai and the Northern Emirates need to provide proof of work address, an example would be the employer's billing statement or tenancy agreement.

Those domestic workers whose visas are under Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and who are working in Dubai and the Northern Emirates also need to provide a company certification on exact work address.

Two sets of requirements with a verification fee of AED40 will also be needed.

'MWO-Dubai does not come up with its own requirements'

In a separate advisory, MWO-Dubai stressed that they don't come up with their own requirements after OFWs negatively reacted to some online content claiming that it's mandatory for everyone.

"Changes in documentary requirements are based on issuances from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. As mentioned in MWO Advisory No. 1, S. 2023, the new checklists of requirements are based on POEA MC No. 17, S.2022," it noted.

"The MWO-Dubai follows the rules and regulations of the Philippine and the United Arab Emirates with regard to the employment of Overseas Filipino Workers," it added.


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