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New Nol Travel Card Launched In Dubai, Offers Dh17,000 In Discounts

Dubai has introduced a new Nol Travel Card that offers up to Dh17,000 in discounts on various products and services, available for tourists, residents, and citizens as of Monday, June 10.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) stated that the Nol Travel Card can be used for public transportation, parking, and a variety of entertainment experiences across Dubai. The card provides discounts ranging from five to 10 percent at numerous hotels, shops, adventure parks, and entertainment facilities.

In the initial phase, the card will be available for purchase at Dubai International Airport (DXB) and selected partner stores, including Zoom and Europcard. Priced at Dh200 for the first year with an initial balance of Dh19, the card can be renewed for Dh150 annually.

Existing Nol cardholders will not be able to transfer to the Nol Travel Card at this time, but RTA mentioned it might be considered in the future.

“This card is aimed at fulfilling the need of customers, integrating public transportation and the city’s facilities through one card, making it a single payment method with discounts exceeding 100 percent and a value of over Dh17,000,” said Mohammed Al Mudharreb, CEO of the Corporate Technology Support Services Sector at RTA.

Salahaldeen Almarzouqi, director of the Automated Collection Systems Department, highlighted that the new card will offer exclusive packages with various benefits and discounts. “It is a physical card but we have plans to add a digital card through a barcode,” Almarzouqi said during a press briefing. He also noted that RTA will explore the possibility of transferring balances from existing Nol Cards to the new Nol Travel Card in the future.

Amr Abdelsamad, managing director of MDX Solutions, added that over 100 partners and facilities, including restaurants and entertainment venues, currently accept the card, with the number expected to grow.


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