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O-NEE-RA Cafe partners with Creative Event Management to open in Rigga Night Market

Dubai's culinary scene is set to welcome a new entrant as O-NEE-RA Cafe, in partnership with Creative Event Management, announces its grand opening this weekend at the bustling Rigga Night Market, located conveniently alongside Al Ghurair Mall and Juice World.

O-NEE-RA Cafe promises a delightful gastronomic journey with a menu that features an array of Asian delicacies. Food enthusiasts can look forward to indulging in Rice Toppings, with prices ranging from AED 15 to AED 18, offering both affordability and taste. A must-try is their Korean Corn Dogs, uniquely served with chicken popcorn, creating a fusion that's bound to tantalize taste buds.

The cafe also caters to those with a sweet tooth, offering a variety of desserts and drinks to complete the dining experience.


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