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OFW Newbie In Dubai Wins AED100,000 or P1.5 Million In Mahzooz Draw

Another Filipino has walked away recently with AED100,000 or some P1.5 million from the recently-concluded Mahzooz draw.

Samuel, a 25-year-old F&B Manager for a seafood restaurant and a newbie in Dubai, discovered Mahzooz a year ago on the recommendation of his cousin who has already won AED 100,000.

Samuel, an ardent Mahzooz fan who participates every week without fail, finds the draw's concept simple and appealing.

Samuel intends to donate a portion of his winnings to charitable causes, expand his business back home in the Philippines, and save the remainder for his future.

Having had the good fortune to win similar draws back home, Samuel can often be found in his spare time writing out combinations for winning Mahzooz's most coveted grand prize and dreaming of becoming a millionaire one day.

Another Lebanese expat in UAE, Albert, has also won the same amount. The 48-year-old expat and father of two who has been living in the UAE for ten years, received an unexpected gift when he checked his email over the weekend, revealing that he is one of the raffle draw winners of the 118th Mahzooz Super Saturday draws, winning AED 100,000.

The car salesman discovered Mahzooz recently and was pleasantly surprised by how engaging and simple the concept was, with only his fifth entry resulting in a win.

He intends to donate the winnings to charity.


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