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One Woman Injured In 28-vehicle Pileup In Dubai

A multi-vehicle crash was reported earlier today morning (Tuesday) on Emirates Road (E611) leaving one woman mildly injured and bringing traffic to halt.

According to Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the General Department of Traffic Police, the accident happened during the early morning hours when fog blanketed the emirate’s highways. “We received a report about a multi-vehicle collision involving 28 vehicles on Emirates Road - Abu Dubai bound, after Al Rowaiyah exit,” he said.

Al Mazroui reminded road users to exercise caution, adhere to safety rules, and to reduce speeds while driving during fog and unstable weather conditions. He explained that accidents happen during bad weather conditions tend to be more severe, thus motorists must keep a safe distance between cars and adjust their speed to the weather conditions.

Al Mazroui also urged motorists to use low-beam lights and indicate clearly when changing lanes. “Allow extra time for your journey and check your planned route. It’s also advisable to wait for the fog to clear until visibility improves,” he said.


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