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PhilHealth: OFWs Can Claim Reimbursements for Hospitalization Abroad

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) said that OFWs are still eligible to claim reimbursements for their hospitalization expenses even when they're abroad.

PhilHealth's executive vice president and COO, Eli Santos, announced in a recent GMA News report that hospitalized OFWs abroad can file for reimbursement for their hospital expenses in the Philippines, provided that they have the necessary documents related to their hospitalization.

PhilHealth stated that the contribution of OFWs to the state insurer largely benefits their families.

However, there is no information yet on the number of OFWs who have submitted claims for reimbursement in the country.

Senator Raffy Tulfo believes that PhilHealth contributions for OFWs should be voluntary, as these workers are already burdened with the cost of their healthcare needs due to their status and nature of work.

On the other hand, Senator JV Ejercito suggests that the government should subsidize half of the PhilHealth contribution for OFWs, and he is currently holding a hearing on the proposed amendment on Universal Health Care to discuss this matter.


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