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Philippine's Pride! Filipino Students Creates Miss Universe Costume

A 20-year-old Filipino student was personally approached by one of the Miss Universe candidates to create her costume for the ongoing 69th Miss Universe.

In his Facebook post, Kennedy Jhon Gasper of San Mateo Isabela revealed that she was approached by the candidate after his fashion illustration for the national costume gone viral on social media.

Gasper, according to an ABS-CBN report, was reluctant to create for the international beauty queen as he was financially inadequate to produce one. However, he accepted the challenge.

Through the help of the local government and his friends, he was able to finish the costume in four days.

Gasper has already sent the costume to the USA since Friday and is expected to arrive at the venue before the competition on May 16.

Gasper is a third-year college student at the Central Luzon State University taking up a Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Textile Technology major in Fashion Designing.


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