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Pinay Manicurist’s Dh60,000 Medical Bill Paid By Complete Strangers In Dubai

A mother in Dubai was grateful to an anonymous company after settling her medical bills that amount to Dh60,000 for her premature daughter.

Hadn’t she paid the bill, Filipina Louie May Taboclaon may face a possible court order, reported by Gulf News. Her daughter Ahliya Faith was born 28 weeks premature last month, and only weighing 700 grams.

The family’s medical insurance had covered the first month of the baby’s stay on a specialist baby care unit in a private hospital at a cost of Dh180,000. However, when the coverage was through, they were left with a bill of Dh60,000.

Louie May Taboclaon on right side with her husband. Photo Credits from Gulf News

To try to save up, Louie has decided to move her daughter to a cheaper government hospital at a cost of Dh4,000 a day rather than Dh7,000 a day and signed a post-dated cheque for Dh60,000 dated September 26, to clear the bill and transfer her daughter.

Louie is only earning Dh5,000 per month as a manicurist, while her husband works for an events company that hasn’t had any events to cover for six months, so there is no way they can save Dh60,000 at a limited timeframe.

Through a local newspaper, they were able to get help from an anonymous company by paying their Dh60,000 debt from the last hospital.

SOURCE : Gulf News



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