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Pinoy FC Shines as First Runner-Up in Asean Cup at Dubai Sports World

Pinoy FC emerged as the first-runner up at the Asean Cup, narrowly edged out by Myanmar Team A at the Dubai Sports World event held in the illustrious Dubai World Trade Centre on August 13, 2023.

Myanmar FC might have taken home the championship, with Myanmar Team B securing the third place, but it was the spirited performance of Pinoy FC that captured the hearts of many attendees and football aficionados.

For a nation known globally for its passion for basketball, the Filipino expats showed that the Philippines has more to offer in the realm of sports.

Surpassing expectations, they played with a finesse and determination that stood as a testament to their skills and the rigorous training they underwent.

The journey of Pinoy FC to the Asean Cup finals was laden with challenges.

Squaring off against seasoned teams, they demonstrated their mettle, advancing through the stages and solidifying their reputation as a formidable squad to watch.


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