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Pinoy OFW Wins AED100,000 From Mahzooz Draw On First Try

An Abu Dhabi-based online merchandise seller rang in the new year with a bang after winning AED100,000 from the Mahzooz draw on his first try.

Ryan, 34, was ecstatic about his timely win.

“This is the best New Year’s gift ever. I never thought I’d have AED 100,000 to my name. Now thanks to Mahzooz, 2023 will be the best year of my life,” he said.

He said that the whopping prize will help him realize his dreams of expanding his business and supporting his baby girl’s education.

“I was celebrating New Year’s Eve in Abu Dhabi when my friend called me to inform me that I had won. After I checked my Mahzooz account I started crying as I realized that the new year is going to be my year,” he recollects the life-changing moment.

“The fact that I won such a huge amount in my first-time participating is proof that there are no rules to luck” he added.

Two other winners have taken AED100,000 each from the draw.

Ratheesh, was equally astounded to receive an email from Mahzooz informing him that he had won.

“You never anticipate being the one! I missed the live draw because I was spending New Year’s Eve with my family, but I was happily surprised to learn that I am a winner, when I opened the email from Mahzooz on January 1st”, the 40-year-old Indian IT professional recalls.


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