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Plate Number in Dubai ‘AA 70’ Sold For AED3.82 Million

A distinctive car number plate in Dubai was auctioned for a staggering Dh3.82 million at the 113th Open Auction for Unique Vehicle Number Plates.

The event, organised by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), took place on Saturday, September 2, at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City Hotel.

The auction raised a total of Dh49.789 million, marking a significant 30% increase from the previous auction held earlier this year, which accumulated Dh38.21 million.

The top draw of the evening, Plate (AA 70), sold for Dh3.82 million. It was closely followed by Plate (X 7777) at Dh3.80 million, and Plate (Z 43) which fetched Dh2.85 million.

Other notable sales included Plate (Y 96) and Plate (S 888) which went for Dh2.66 million and Dh2.3 million, respectively.

A total of 90 unique plates were up for bids, ranging from two to five digits and bearing alphabetic codes from AA to Z.

RTA’s initiative to auction off these fancy plates is more than just a revenue stream.

For many, these plates represent significant milestones or memories. Through these open and online auctions, RTA offers a transparent platform for potential bidders.


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