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Pope Francis Cancels Dubai Visit for COP28 Due to Health Concerns

Pope Francis has called off his scheduled trip to Dubai for the COP28 U.N. climate conference, following medical advice, the Vatican announced on Tuesday. This decision comes as the Pope is recovering from the flu and lung inflammation.

This is not the first time Pope Francis's health issues have affected his travel plans. In 2022, a planned visit to Congo and South Sudan was postponed due to knee inflammation. Although he managed to make the journey earlier this year, his current health concerns have led to another cancellation.

Despite initially intending to attend the COP28 and address the critical issue of climate change, Pope Francis had to yield to his doctors' recommendations. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni stated that while the Pope is recovering from his flu and respiratory tract inflammation, the doctors strongly advised against the Dubai trip.

The Pope, who will be 87 next month, has a


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