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President Sheikh Mohamed and Bill Gates Discuss COP28 and Climate Change

In a recent phone call, President Sheikh Mohamed of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates engaged in a conversation about various topics, including the upcoming COP28 summit and the pressing issue of climate change. The call began with Gates extending Eid greetings to Sheikh Mohamed, expressing his well wishes for the UAE and its people.

One of the central points of discussion was the significance of COP28, which is set to take place in the Emirates from November to December this year. The event holds immense importance as it will serve as a comprehensive global evaluation of the progress made in enforcing the goals outlined in the historic Paris Agreement. Additionally, COP28 aims to accelerate coordinated climate action and address the consequences of climate change on a global scale.

The summit will also mark the completion of the first global stock-take of the pledges made by countries under the 2015 Paris Agreement. This stock-take process occurs every five years, and the initial stock-take began at COP26 in Glasgow and will conclude at COP28. The outcome of this evaluation is expected to feature prominently in Bonn.

President Sheikh Mohamed and Bill Gates highlighted the critical role of modern technology and innovation in finding effective and sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. They both acknowledged the significance of innovation in protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, and achieving sustainable development.

The conversation also touched upon the collaboration between COP28 and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in addressing the impact of climate change on human health. Particularly, they discussed the eradication of epidemic diseases, with a focus on combating polio. Polio, a debilitating and sometimes fatal disease, remains endemic in Pakistan and Afghanistan due to challenges posed by instability and resistance to vaccination programs.

Both President Sheikh Mohamed and Bill Gates have been staunch supporters of efforts to eradicate polio worldwide. They recognized the substantial advancements made in this field in recent times while emphasizing the need to address "neglected tropical diseases."

Furthermore, the two sides reviewed the role of the "Reaching the Last Mile" forum, which mobilizes global efforts to support underdeveloped societies in eradicating life-threatening diseases that hinder their social and economic development. They also discussed additional humanitarian, developmental, and health partnership initiatives aimed at improving responses to global challenges faced by societies and nations.

President Sheikh Mohamed expressed his gratitude to Bill Gates for his Eid greetings and reiterated the UAE's commitment to advancing international cooperation in combating diseases that jeopardize lives and hinder development. He also emphasized the country's support for various global initiatives in this regard. Bill Gates praised the UAE's humanitarian role in delivering relief to numerous countries and commended its charitable initiatives in addressing global diseases and epidemics.


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