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Prisoner In UAE Bribes Police With AED50,000, Rolex Watch, Mercedes To Release Him

A 40-year-old Pakistani prisoner in Dubai has been accused of bribing police with AED50,000, Rolex Watch, and a Mercedes car in exchange for his freedom.

The expat has also promised the man with AED20,000 monthly salary should the latter help him escape the prison.

Citing an article published by Gulf News, the man was arrested in June 2020 and was taken to a detention centre at Bur Dubai Police station.

The police officer met the expat inside the police station after getting caught by other officers for returning to the country illegally after deportation.

"He asked me to let him contact a person and help him to escape the prison for a bribe. He offered AED50,000, a Rolex, Mercedes, and a monthly salary to help him whenever he was arrested in the future," the policeman said.


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