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Razon’s of Guagua in partnership with Direct Clicks Marketing wins EXPO 2020 bid

Dubai—With a lot of brands eyeing to get the sole restaurant slot at the Philippines Pavilion for the EXPO 2020, the Razon’s of Guagua, which is a Filipino family heritage restaurant, managed to win the bid in partnership with Direct Clicks Marketing (DCM).

The EXPO 2020 which is tagged as the “World’s Greatest Show” will start on October this year featuring 192 countries across the globe; each, showcasing their country’s narrative, culture, and tradition.

The event will last for 173 days with the aim of bringing the world in one place and promoting a future with sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

The theme for the Philippines Pavilion is a resemblance of a coral reef or “bangkota” which is “built on the idea of connectivity and permeability.” It is set to “showcase a nation with millennia of history, a sustainable culture, and a vibrant vision of its future.”

To complete the pavilion, one restaurant slot was provided for bidding. The sole slot that the Razon’s of Guagua tried—and successfully—obtained.

They tapped DCM to help them create, envision, and present the whole concept of the fine dining resto which will be installed in the pavilion.

The Razon’s of Guagua will be showcasing authentic Filipino cuisine along with their trademark halo-halo which is a secret recipe of their family; passed on from one generation to another since the 70s. It will further represent the country’s culture through its interior design and remarkable service.

The DCM, comprised of web geniuses and digital marketing experts, handled the restructuring of Razon’s brand that is fit and culturally appropriate with the bangkota concept of the pavilion.

Apart from Concept Development, Marketing and PR Consultancy, DCM handles Social Media Management, Sponsorship, Digital and Ground activations, and Leads generation.

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