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RBA Team Pilipinas Makes PH Proud as First Filipino Team to Triumph in Dubai Int’l Sports League

RBA Team Pilipinas emerged as the dominant force in the Sports Mania Dubai Women Basketball League, leaving their mark with a resounding victory in the finals.

Showcasing their exceptional skills and unyielding determination, the team triumphed over Team Phoenix with a remarkable score of 54-43, securing the coveted championship title on July 8, 2023, at the Citizen School Dubai.

While their victory in the finals was undoubtedly a moment of glory, RBA Team Pilipinas also celebrated the exceptional achievements of their talented members, who garnered special awards in recognition of their stellar performances.

The first among the distinguished awardees was Coach Ron Sanchez, who received the prestigious Best Coach accolade. Coach Sanchez's remarkable leadership, insightful strategies, and unwavering support propelled the team to greatness, serving as the driving force behind their remarkable triumph.

Shawe Sulit, a standout player from RBA Team Pilipinas, was hailed as the league's Most Valuable Player (MVP). Sulit's remarkable skills, versatility, and unwavering commitment to excellence were evident throughout the tournament.

Her contributions on both ends of the court, whether it be scoring crucial points or making pivotal defensive stops, were instrumental in RBA Team Pilipinas' path to victory.

Another remarkable talent from RBA Team Pilipinas, Faye Guron, received the esteemed recognition of Best Scorer in the league.

Guron's incredible ability to consistently find the basket and deliver impactful points played a significant role in her team's success. Her scoring prowess kept the opponents on their toes, creating opportunities and maintaining RBA Team Pilipinas' offensive momentum.

The road to the championship was paved with excellence as RBA Team Pilipinas dominated the pre-games, amassing an impressive 5-0 record.

The team's cohesiveness, exceptional teamwork, and unwavering dedication to their craft were evident throughout the tournament.

Each member's commitment to their respective roles contributed to the team's overwhelming success, ultimately culminating in their triumphant performance in the finals.

The victory of RBA Team Pilipinas carries profound historical significance, as they became the first Filipino team to triumph in an international sports league in the UAE.

Their achievement not only elevates the team's stature but also reflects the immense talent and passion for basketball that resides within the Filipino sporting community.

The Sports Mania Dubai Women Basketball League provided a platform for female athletes to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.


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