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RBA Team Pilipinas UAE clinched Champion Title at 2nd PC Thomas International Masters Basketball

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

The RBA Team Pilipinas UAE, both women's and men's teams, have successfully defended their titles, securing back-to-back championships at the prestigious 2nd PC Thomas International Masters Basketball Tournament.

MVP AWARD goes to Emm Matreo for being The Most Valuable Player of the Tournament & Two—Time Best Player of the Game.  

Her exceptional skills and consistent performance have truly set her apart. A Well-deserved award.

Facing off against a formidable opponent, Team India, the Filipino teams showcased exceptional skill and determination in a series of fiercely competitive matches. Their victory, achieved through a blend of strategic gameplay and unwavering team spirit, marks a significant milestone in the tournament's history.

This triumph is not just a testament to the athletes' dedication but also serves as a beacon of pride and inspiration for the Filipino community, both in the UAE and globally. Supporters have lauded the teams for their achievements, emphasizing the impact of their success on the community's morale and spirit.

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