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Reef Mall & Creative Group Hosts Unforgettable Chess Festival Commemorating Philippine Independence

In celebration of the 125th Philippine Independence Day, a Chess Festival was held at Reef Mall in Dubai, captivating chess enthusiasts and spectators alike. The event, which took place over three days, featured a range of exciting activities such as Giant Chess, Exhibition Matches, and a thrilling Blitz Competition.

The Chess Festival attracted chess lovers from all over Dubai, creating a vibrant and competitive atmosphere within Reef Mall. Participants showcased their strategic skills, battling it out on giant chessboards strategically placed across the venue. The Giant Chess games added a unique twist to the traditional chess experience, with players physically moving the oversized pieces to outsmart their opponents.

One of the highlights of the festival was the Exhibition Match, where renowned chess players displayed their expertise and wowed the audience with their tactical brilliance. Spectators were treated to a display of extraordinary moves and combinations, as the players engaged in intense battles on the chessboard.

The Mini Blitz Chess Tournament, held as part of the festival, proved to be a thrilling competition. Six players competed fiercely, showcasing their rapid-fire decision-making and quick thinking. After intense rounds of play, Gilbert Vilarde of the Philippines emerged as the champion of the tournament, impressing everyone with his exceptional skills. Ibrahim Mamantuc of the Philippines and Hicham Athmania of Algeria secured the second and third positions, respectively, further highlighting the diverse international participation in the event.

The Chess Festival at Reef Mall Dubai provided a platform for chess enthusiasts to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day while fostering a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition. Participants and spectators left the event inspired and motivated to continue honing their chess skills, ensuring that the love for the game remains strong in Dubai's chess community.


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