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Renewing Visit Visas Within Dubai Now Suspended Too

Renewing visit visas within Dubai has also been suspended, travel agencies in the emirate confirmed.

It was reported earlier in December that visit visa holders who wish to have their visas extended need to exit the country as the inside change application was no longer valid for Sharjah and Abu Dhabi-issued permits.

Several travel agencies in Dubai were still able to process visit visa renewal applications within the emirate for a few days after the visa process reforms.

However, A December 30, 2022 report by Khaleej Times confirmed that renewing a visit visa within Dubai has also been suspended.

“There are no more options for any visitor to change the status of their visa while staying in the UAE. People who want to renew their visas must exit the country and then return,” Praveen Choudhary, MD, Al Saffron Travel & Tourism LLC, was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times.

Bharat Aidsani from Pluto Travels said in the same report that they have served families and old people who wish to extend their visas from within the country.

“However, it is not possible and they must now leave the country and return after applying for a new visit visa,” he added.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic happened, this was the rule; however, due to humanitarian concerns, the government of UAE changed the requirements.

Visit visa holders who were able to secure a job need to exit the country and re-enter for the employment visa to be processed.

Travel experts advised visit visa holders to return to their home countries and return on a fresh visa considering the NYE rush and restrictions in place.

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