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Rising Star in UAE Basketball: Travis Mike Garcia Ramos

In the heart of the UAE, a young Pinoy basketball prodigy is setting courts on fire and making waves in the basketball community. Meet Travis Mike Garcia Ramos: a 10-year-old Filipino baller with dreams as tall as the skyscrapers in Sharjah and skills that belie his young age.

Born on November 27, 2012, in Sharjah, Travis has been dribbling, shooting, and passing ever since he could remember. Residing in Almajaz 2, Sharjah, he is a proud student of The New Filipino Private School. The UAE's basketball circles are now buzzing with stories of this young talent, who has been consistently outperforming players many years his senior.

Travis’s dedication to the sport is evident from the number of teams he has been a part of. From the Young Vikings to Hoops Dreams, and Sharjah Basketball Club, this young Pinoy has been an essential asset to all these squads.

A huge part of his success on the court comes from the mentorship and coaching he's received. At the Young Vikings Academy, Coach Andy De Gulto, a fellow Filipino, has been instrumental in refining Travis's skills and introducing him to the fundamentals of the game. Coach De Gulto's rigorous training regimen and emphasis on discipline have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Travis into the player he is today.

While at Hoops Dreams, Travis was trained under the vigilant eye of Coach Lana Kurdi. Her unique insights into the game and her ability to push players beyond their limits have made Travis a force to be reckoned with on the court.

Further sharpening his skills at the Sharjah Basketball Club is Coach Imad Kanjuo, who has helped polish Travis's gameplay, ensuring he's prepared for every challenge thrown his way.

Behind every successful child is a supportive family. Travis's father, Michael Ramos, has been his pillar of strength, cheering from the sidelines and providing that necessary encouragement. It's clear that basketball is more than just a game for Travis and his family; it's a passion and a dream that they're chasing together.

In the basketball world, tales of prodigious talents often fade away with time. However, with his impeccable skill set, unwavering dedication, and the robust support system behind him, Travis seems poised to become a household name in basketball, not just in the UAE but perhaps even on a global scale.


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