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Royal Brunei Airlines reselects Direct Clicks Marketing as its Social Media Manager

Dubai—Royal Brunei Airlines, one of the top South-East Asian carriers, has selected Direct Clicks Marketing (DCM) once again to handle its social media for the year 2020.

During this time, the agency will provide concept development, marketing and PR consultancy services, lead generations, digital and ground activations apart from social media management.

Through their continuous partnership with Direct Clicks Marketing, Royal Brunei looks forward to launch a new social media campaign in UAE which aims to lift the airline’s profile in the region.

Having a team of digital marketing experts, Direct Clicks Marketing will craft social media plan anchored on Royal Brunei’s overarching theme: “It’s the little things we do that makes our service special.”

DCM has also been the partner of RB during their previous campaigns which runs across print and digital.

According to DCM’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Rowena Reformina Viernes, the challenge with RB has been not having a strong Facebook presence catering to people based in the country; Which is why they created a strategy focusing on increasing the community fan base of Royal Brunei through relevant, engaging, and promotional content.

“We have been the digital marketing arm of Royal Brunei Airlines. By accomplishing every goal and completing every project beyond expectations, we managed to earn the trust of the company,” said Ms. Viernes.

The strategic initiatives of the web geniuses of DCM over the recent years have made a significant impact on the way RB is positioned in the market—allowing Royal Brunei to acquire a maximum number of ticket bookings.

“In order for Royal Brunei to make the most out of their business through the digital platform, we always make sure to come up with vibrant artworks highlighting their distinctive travel experience and competitive prices. We try to make a connection with international travellers, convey the message that traveling with RB is enjoyable. And that is why they should choose Royal Brunei over many options available to them in the market.” said Ms. Michico Lopez Ramos, Sales and Marketing Director of DCM.

Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei has been flying to and from UAE since late 1988's with over 3 decades operation after its acquisition of three B7F7-200 aircrafts.

RB recently receives Skytrax 4-Star Award commendation for their excellent products, services and hospitality which stands out for highlighting services that reflects the Bruneian values & culture.

Together with Direct Clicks Marketing, their goal this 2020 is to enhance their existing brand core values and connect with current and future guests as well with the global community as a whole.

Overall, DCM is excited as they embark onto the next phase of development for RB as an online brand and an airline.

ABOUT Direct Clicks Marketing

We are a bunch of curious beings who help you look at digital world in a way that it has never been seen before – helping your brand elevate to the next level, reaching a new milestone.

Always willing to roll up our sleeves to ensure digital marketing lives up to its name. We invite you to experience a digital world yet to be imagined.

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