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RTA Introduces Mobile Renewal for Licenses and Registrations Through Samsung Wallet

Motorists in Dubai have a new reason to celebrate as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a mobile solution for renewing driving licences and vehicle registrations. Starting July 2, Samsung users can now manage their vehicle documents through the RTA app directly within their Samsung Wallet.

The RTA unveiled an updated version of its app in May, streamlining access to a variety of services. "This integration not only eliminates the need for multiple apps but also provides a centralized platform for managing essential transportation-related documents," the RTA stated in a press release.

The upgraded app features a personalized dashboard designed to consolidate services onto a single screen, simplifying processes such as renewals for vehicle and driving licences and the purchase of parking tickets.

Meera Al Shaikh, Director of Smart Services at RTA, emphasized the security measures in place. "All data are maintained to the highest standards of security and privacy," she said, reinforcing the commitment of RTA and Samsung to protecting user information.

Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of Mobile Experience Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, also highlighted the security aspect of the app. "This integration comes with the assurance of our robust military-grade Knox security suite, emphasizing our commitment to security and consumer data privacy," he added.

The launch of this feature follows the introduction of the digital nolPay system last October, which allows Samsung users to pay for public transportation and other services directly from their smartphones or smartwatches.


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