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RTA's New Road Project In Al Mankhool Reduces Delays By 30%

Residents and students in the Al Mankhool area of Dubai are set to experience better traffic conditions following the completion of significant roadworks by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The project involved upgrades to three main streets, including intersections at Kuwait St, 12A St, and 10C St, aiming to streamline traffic and enhance safety.

Hussain Al Banna, CEO of RTA's Traffic and Roads Agency, highlighted the area's traffic issues and the steps taken to address them. "Al Mankhool area is notorious for its heavy traffic. With this project, we have made several enhancements to alleviate this issue," Al Banna explained.

The modifications include reducing right-in and right-out lanes at the junction of Kuwait St and 10C St and introducing a new U-turn lane on 10 St to decrease the likelihood of accidents. Additionally, the relocation of a U-turn on Kuwait St aims to extend the storage lane, improving traffic flow and reducing delays by 30% at the Kuwait St and 12A St junction.

"These changes are intended not only to enhance traffic flow but also to increase safety by eliminating overlapping traffic movements from 10C to 12A on Kuwait St," added Al Banna.

These improvements are part of the RTA's broader initiative to upgrade road infrastructure across Dubai, ultimately benefiting around 130,000 residents and school-goers by ensuring smoother and safer traffic movement around Al Mankhool and its neighboring areas.


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