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Saudi-Based IT Engineer Wins AED1 Million in Mahzooz Latest Draw

In the recent 145th draw of the UAE’s premier weekly raffle, Mahzooz, Zain, a 41-year-old IT support specialist based in Saudi Arabia, had his dreams turned into reality as he won the substantial sum of AED 1 million.

Zain, a Pakistani expatriate who has been residing and working in Saudi Arabia since birth, joined thousands of hopefuls on Saturday, 9 September 2023, in the much-anticipated raffle. The moment of discovery came as a pleasant shock to him; while initially assuming a win of AED 250 from an email notification, he later realized the grandeur of his prize after logging into his Mahzooz account.

The seasoned participant, who learned about Mahzooz nearly a year ago through a UAE-based news portal and has since then been a regular entrant, could not contain his excitement, stating, “It’s an incredible surprise, and it just makes my life a million times better right now.”

Besides the fortunate Zain, the 145th draw also celebrated a series of winners, with a whopping 1,202 participants sharing the total prize pool of AED 1,494,750. It underscores Mahzooz’s commitment to fostering hope and transforming lives through its draws, reaching far and beyond the UAE’s borders to touch the lives of many like Zain.

For a modest fee of AED 35, individuals can purchase a Mahzooz water bottle and secure a chance to enter the enthralling weekly draws held every Saturday. The grand draw now tantalizingly offers a top prize of AED 20 million alongside the guaranteed AED 1 million raffle draw, promising to craft millionaires week in and week out.


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