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Sharjah Reactivates Work From Home Scheme For All Government Employees

Authorities in Sharjah have reactivated the work-from-home scheme for all government employees starting February 14. According to the Sharjah Department of Human Resources, it was decided because of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the country for the past couple of weeks.

The circular allows government departments to take any or all of the decisions listed. They can decide on the percentage of people who can work from home. Employees who need to be present physically at the workplace shall report to the office.

They are also asked to ensure the ‘highest levels of Covid safety’ for employees. This means that each employee must be seated at least two metres apart.

If work from home is not applicable, departments must adapt shift systems in such a way there is only 50 percent of the total number of employees at any given time.


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