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St. Mary’s Church in Dubai To Start Virtual Simbang Gabi Mass on December 15

The St. Mary’s Church in Dubai, through their Facebook page for Filipinos SMCfilipino, invited parishioners to attend the online Simbang Gabi which is set to begin on December 15, 8pm.

The virtual Simbang Gabi follows the theme ‘Pasko ng Pag-ibig, Pag-asa, at Pagbibigayan’ will also have other activities from 7:30pm to 8pm.

The mass will be conducted for 9 consecutive nights or until December 23.

The page did not mention whether they will be opening the church’s gates for those who want to attend the mass in person.

The nine-day series of masses is practiced by Filipino Catholics in the Philippines in anticipation of Christmas.


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