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Strong Group Secures 4th Consecutive Victory In Dubai Int’l Basketball Championship

Strong Group clinched its fourth consecutive win at the 33rd Dubai International Basketball Championship on Wednesday, overpowering Beirut Sports Club with a decisive 95-73 victory. The triumph places the team tantalizingly close to a clean sweep in the group phase, setting the stage for a potentially fierce knockout round.

Kevin Quiambao was the standout performer, delivering a game-high 20 points and four rebounds, contributing significantly to Strong Group’s dominance. His performance, particularly in the first quarter where he netted nine of his total points, laid the foundation for the team’s substantial lead.

Strong Group’s victory, however, was not without its concerns. JD Cagulangan suffered an ankle injury in the final quarter, curtailing his impressive run in the tournament. Prior to the injury, Cagulangan had contributed 12 points and six assists, marking his best performance in the competition.

The team’s success was a collective effort, with notable contributions from McKenzie Moore (19 points, eight assists, and five rebounds), Jordan Heading (15 points), and Dwight Howard (11 points and nine rebounds), who all played pivotal roles in the win.

Despite Beirut Sports Club’s valiant effort to narrow the gap, reducing the lead to just 13 points with eight minutes remaining, Strong Group’s resilience shone through. The second unit, bolstered by Francis Escandor’s late three-pointers, ensured a solid finish, maintaining the team’s unbeaten streak.

As the championship progresses, all eyes are now on Strong Group as they prepare to face Al Ahli Tripoli from Libya in what promises to be an electrifying finale to the group phase. The upcoming match will pit the only two undefeated teams in Group B against each other, adding an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to the competition.

The scores at the end of the game stood at 95-73, with Strong Group leading in each quarter, highlighting their consistent and dominant performance throughout the match.


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