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Team Pilipinas Successfully Holds Open Tryouts In Dubai For Female Basketball Enthusiasts

As anticipation builds for an exhilarating summer of basketball, Team Pilipinas, under the guidance of the renowned Coach Ron Sanchez, has held open tryouts in Dubai for female basketball enthusiasts for the upcoming MBL International Women’s Basketball League organized by Sports Mania and Mavs Phenom Women's Basketball Showdown on July 2, 2023.

Aimed at identifying and refining top-tier talent, the Team Pilipinas held tryouts that will be joined by Team Pilipinas UAE presented by Royal Brunei Airlines in collaboration with Creative Event Management.

Sanchez, known for his exceptional ability to spot and nurture budding basketball stars, is focused on assembling a powerful roster that will showcase the depth and prowess of Filipino basketball talent.

Simultaneously, tryouts were also held for the DXB Ball Era Elite, who will be facing Team RBA in the Mavs Phenom Women's Basketball Showdown on July 2, 2023. The DXB Ball Era Elite is another team eager to make their mark in the world of basketball, and their upcoming game against Team RBA will be an excellent opportunity to showcase their skills and resilience.

With these events on the horizon, the stage is set for a thrilling summer of basketball. It will undoubtedly provide both Team Pilipinas UAE RBA and DXB Ball Era Elite an invaluable opportunity to pit their mettle against formidable opponents and measure their progress.

As the countdown to the showdown begins, all eyes will be on Coach Sanchez's selections from the tryouts and how these athletes will step up to the challenge.

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