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These Construction Workers In UAE Were Given AED25,000 Each In Scholarship For Their Kids

In time with the International Workers’ Day, UAE telecom Etisalat has provided its construction workers in the UAE with AED25,000 each in scholarship for their children’s higher education.

A total of 15 blue-collar workers from different camps were selected by the telecom provider. They were tasked to piece together a massive tile structure with a hidden message.

As the puzzle makes sense, the workers were surprised with the scholarships.

“You’ve built today, so let us build your child’s tomorrow. So, as you can see in the tile structure you’ve just created, we want to help you play an important part in your future. In particular, your children’s future. Etisalat is giving you a AED25,000 scholarship towards your children’s higher education,” the message on a screen read.

Watch the video below:


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