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Things You Shouldn’t Do During Ramadan If You’re Non-Muslim Living In UAE

The first day of Ramadan has already been announced. According to the moon-sighting committee, the official start of the holy month would be on Tuesday, April 13.

Those who don’t fast, specifically those non-Muslims, they’re expected to follow the traditions being observed during the occasion.

Below are the things that one should follow:

1. No eating, drinking, or even smoking in public. During fasting hours, or before iftar dinner, non-Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink, or smoke in public. However, the Dubai Municipality announced that all restaurants, cafes, shisha cafe, and hotel facilities must close by 4am, and will accept final orders at 3am.

Dubai has also announced that dining areas will not need a screen during fasting hours.

2. No revealing clothes. Non-muslims should avoid wearing revealing clothes during the month-long occasion. This applies when visiting malls, hotels, and restaurants in the evening.

3. Avoid public display of affection. Public display of affection is generally not allowed in the country and more so during the holy month of Ramadan.


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