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This Floating House In Dubai Has Been Sold For AED20 Million

Dubai has recently launched the world’s first environment-friendly floating house in the world. The project is manufactured by UAE-based ship and vessel firm Seagate Shipyard.

It launched the first units of its floating sea resort Nepture on Tuesday, May 25.

The floating house, which is two-storey, has four bedrooms with attached washrooms, a glass swimming pool, kitchen, living room, two extra rooms for workers, and ample glass flooring.

In total, it’s over 900 square metre.

Using special hydraulic engines, the floating units can safely move from one place to another.

The company launched it at Al Hamra Port in Ras Al Khaimah and will be floating to settle in Jumeirah, Dubai.

The first, according to a Khaleej Times report, was bought by Dubai-based businessman Balvinder Sahani for AED20 million.

Photo by Khaleej Times


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