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Three Indian Men Found Dead In Dubai Villa; Authorities Probe Cause

Three Indian expatriates working for a local maintenance company in Al Rafah, Dubai, were found dead on Sunday. Two were discovered in their room, while the third was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead upon arrival.

Naseer Vadanappily, a social worker managing the case, confirmed that the official procedures to determine the cause of death are ongoing. “Authorities have not yet confirmed what caused the death of the three men,” Vadanappily stated. “We are offering full assistance to the families and friends of the deceased, and are doing everything we can to help repatriate the bodies.”

According to an unnamed friend, the men had returned to their villa early Sunday morning after being out all night and went to sleep around 6 am. Around noon, one of the men called a mutual friend, reporting difficulty breathing. The friend immediately alerted emergency services and rushed to their location. Upon arrival, he found the room surrounded by police and authorities, who informed him that two of the men were already dead, and the third had been taken to the hospital.

The 29-year-old, who was transported to the hospital, had no pulse or readable blood pressure upon arrival and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter, according to a medical report seen by Khaleej Times.

The tragic incident has deeply affected their community. “We are all from neighboring villages in Rajasthan and we met each other every couple of days,” the friend said. “These three were very helpful and some of the hardest working people. They had been working with the same company for over five years. I still cannot believe that they are no longer with us.”

Authorities are investigating multiple potential causes of death, including food poisoning and accidental inhalation of chemicals, as reported by a source close to the investigation.


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