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Tourist Surprised By Dubai Police With Watch She Lost One Year Ago

The Dubai Police, represented by the Lost and Found Department, have recently returned a precious watch worth AED 110,000 to a Kyrgyz tourist who had lost her valuables one year ago in a previous visit to Dubai.

According to the General Department of Criminal Investigation, the tourist had lost her watch in a hotel room before she headed to the Dubai Airports to catch her flight. She only noticed missing her item after a traffic accident she had after returning to her country. Assuming that she dropped somewhere during the incident, the tourist did not file a report to the Dubai Authority.

Major General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation, said that the Department received a report from one of the hotels claiming that a Kyrgyz tourist had left her precious watch behind.

“We couldn’t reach the owner straightaway since the number left at the hotel registration was that of a travel agency. With further investigation, we got hold of her contact information and immediately attempted contacting her through her phone number and social media account, yet to no avail,” he confirmed.

Nevertheless, a year passed, and the Kyrgyz owner revisited the country and was surprised by the General Department of Criminal Investigation with the long-lost watch.

Maj. Gen. Al Jallaf confirmed that the Dubai Police is keen to restore rights to their owners and exert all efforts to ensure the happiness of the emirate’s visitors, residents and citizens.

The tourist, who had given up on seeing her precious watch again, was taken aback by this found and extended her gratitude to the police with extreme happiness.


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