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Traveling back to Philippines from UAE with expired residence visa? Here's the process

Are you going back to the Philippines from UAE with an expired residence visa?

The below process is applicable for expats whose residence visa expired after March 1 and wish to go back home.

- In case you don't want to stay or renew your visa, you need to leave the country before October 10, 2020.

- However, Amer recommends returning expats to cancel their residence visas first by visiting their branches.

- Once the residence visa is canceled, the grace period in which you can exit the country will be mentioned on the cancellation paper.

- In the event that the expired residence visa is not renewed or if you decide to stay, overstay fines will be imposed.

- Overstay fines for a residence visa: AED125 for the first day; AED25 for each subsequent day, til the first 180 days; AED50 for each subsequent day, till the first year; and AED100 for each day after that.


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