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Two Filipinos In UAE Win AED100,000 Each At Latest Mahzooz Draw

Two Filipino expatriates in the UAE have won AED100,000 each at the recently-concluded 68th weekly Mahzooz draw.

The names of the Filipino victors are Melecio and Eleanor.

Melecio, a merchandiser, was told Gulf News that he intends to use his prize money to pay for the education of his daughters who are currently in college.

“I shouted when I saw my name on the screen during the live draw and woke up my roomates. I participate regularly and never once stopped believing that I would be a winner one day,” the 42-year-old Filipino said.

“I will send some money to my mother back home and then I’ll buy myself a gold necklace,” he added.

His fellow, Eleanor, cried with gratitude when she was informed about her winnings.

“My sister-in-law called me in the middle of dinner. I had mixed emotions,” the 53-year-old marketing administrative said.

On top of her plans is to settle her financial obligations, including a home lean she needed to clear.

“Then, I will save this money for my future grandchild–my only daughter is expecting her first baby and this money came at the perfect time,” she further added.


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