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UAE-Based Expat Earning AED5,000 Wins AED15 Million In Latest Draw

A UAE-based expatriate who has been living and working in the host country since 2007 won AED15 million at the latest draw of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi.

The 35-year-old Pakistani and a father of four, Shahid Mahmoud, will be sharing his winnings with other people, however, his share will be 50 percent which amounts to AED7.5 million.

“A good amount of my win will be saved in fixed deposits for my children’s education. In fact the last five years I have been buying Big Tickets in the hope that I will win the jackpot one day. Today is the day! I am grateful for this,” Mahmoud told Gulf News.

The winning ticket he bought on October 31 with his friend who is currently in Pakistan was 071808 in the series of 233.

The expatriate, who is working in a glass installation company and getting AED5,000 salary every month, revealed that he has been trying his luck at the draw every month of the last five years.


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