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UAE Citizens Earning Below AED25,000 May Apply For Electricity, Gas, Food Allowance To Gov’t

UAE citizens earning below AED25,000 may now apply for fuel, electricity, and food allowances to the government.

The initiative is in line with directives issued by President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to raise the budget of the Social Support Programme for low-income families and increase inflation and other allowances to enhance the social welfare and quality of life for the citizens.

“We will immediately start the implementation of the President’s instructions regarding inflation allowances to ensure applicants benefit from these allowances. The ministry will start receiving applications for inflation allowances for fuel, electricity and food from citizens with a monthly salary of less than Dh25,000 from tomorrow,” Minister of Community Development, Hessa Bint Essa Buhamaid, announced recently.

The support program will be revised and its budget raised from AED14 to AED28 billion.


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